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Growing so fast!

It’s a funny feeling when you notice how fast your baby is growing.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when we were struggling with pumping every 2 hours to ensure he was getting enough expressed breastmilk when we tube fed him.  To him rolling from front to back and now we’re on the solids journey!

What a freaking journey!  Baby led weaning which was the way I wanted to begin introducing solids didn’t go as planned.  Logan wanted to eat food, he was forever grabbing my spoon, cup or even plate and trying to put those in his mouth.  So off to the kitchen I went, boiled up some brocolli (Don’t ask me why I thought brocolli was a good idea to start with) and that was a hell no from my son.  He pulled faces, spat it out and even through the stalk across the room.

Next on the list was carrot.  It went in the mouth but he was more interested in bashing it around and nothing went in.  Avocado on the other hand was a success, simply because we fed it to him on a spoon.  He hungrily gulped it down and wanted more.  Now we successful feed him a small amount of stewed fruit, mixed with some yogurt and baby muesli, or blueberries, yogurt and muesli in the mornings.  Strawberries or bananas in the afternoon and at dinner time, he’s the best boy on the block since he devours his pumpkin and kumara like a champ!

Give me more!

But all of this started a whole new list of questions.  Am I feeding him enough?  Am I feeding him too much?  Should I feed him before boob, or after boob?  Do I skip a boob feed, or not?  At the moment I am currently winging it!  I boob him in the morning, and at his next feed, give him his breakfast of muesli, yogurt and fruit pureed up, then boob him again 20 minutes later.  then during the day I give him some strawberry or banana depending, as well as some water from a sippy cup.  Night time, I feed him his pumpkin/kumara puree, bath him then boob him before bed.

I definitely notice the supply drop now that he is on solids, as I no longer have to pump in the mornings.

I’m not sorry we aren’t doing baby led weaning, I am parenting my way, which happens to be what’s right for Logan.


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