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Awesome stress relief!

I love home made crafts, and I discovered this great stress relief item at my Plunket Group this morning.

I’m an awesome stress ball!

Stress Balls!  Not only do they help stress, they’re so much fun to play with.  I’ve spent an hour just pulling mine in random directions and making the face do silly things.  Wouldn’t you love to have a bit of fun before Christmas?  Or even as a cheap present for kids.

Super easy to make as well!  All you need – Corn Flour, Balloons and an empty bottle that is easily squeezed.

Take roughly a cup of corn flour and put it into the bottle, and then attach your balloon to the open neck.  Hold into place and tip the bottle upside down.  Remember to keep hold of the balloon and bottle neck or else accidents happen!  Squeeze the bottle as hard as you can, it will blow the balloon up with air and then while you have it squeezed give it a good jiggle to have all the corn flour slide down into your waiting balloon!

Bye bye stress!

Don’t let go of the squeezed bottle and dislodge your balloon.  Slowly let the excess air out of the balloon and tie it off.  It should be roundish with all that corn flour and you should begin to squeeze it and take out all your frustrations out on it!

Next get a sharpie!  Draw on some faces, names or whatever you want!

What a fun way to waste a little time today!  Definitely have to give credit to Laura from Paeroa Plunket for showing this awesome craft to me this morning!

Mush up that face!

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