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Baby colds suck

Having a cold for an adult sucks, I know it does.  Your head feels like a sledge hammer is constantly going off, your body hurts and if your nose is running, and you’re coughing, then we can say that.  We can whine and moan about how we’re feeling and take something for the symptoms.


But when your baby has a cold, you can’t do a thing.  Logan has a runny nose, a little cough and that’s it.  But just those two things have made the past two nights a nightmare.  He cries out in his sleep, and he’s rubbing at his face so much that he’s cut his eye lid and made it bleed with his nails.  He’s not a happy boy, but at the same time he’s full of smiles and cuddles.  I’ve missed these kinds of cuddles where he just crashes out on me.

I’m giving boob every other hour, sometimes twice an hour hoping to ease some of his discomfort.  However, that nose is not helping matters, he can only feed for so long before he can’t breathe through the runny nose so we spend 10 to 20 minutes trying to clear the nose.  Breast milk in a syringe squirted up his nose didn’t help, he just swallowed happily and continued blowing snotty bubbles.


Baby paracetamol has helped somewhat, though I am not sure if that’s what is making him sleep so much during the day now, but any sleep for him right now is a godsend.  I want him to rest as much as he can while we fight off this cold.

I wish he could tell me what’s wrong, just a small “mom my tummy hurts, or nose hurts, or something hurts” this guessing game with babies is horrible and makes me feel so inadequate at making him better.  So today I will continue as I did yesterday.  Boob and Boob all day long.


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