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I need to Adult today

Some days are harder than others, and other days are a whole lot easier.  Logan has become quite adept at rolling and requires constant supervision when he’s on the floor because he can make his way from one end to the other.  He won’t stay on his back, and will always roll onto his stomach, but then he’ll get mad and angry, bury his head into the floor and I’ll have to roll him back on his back.  This is a constant game to him, I am sure!

My entire day has consisted of this.  There’s been a few short breaks, but then it’s back to the tummy rolling.  I love watching him learn new tricks, but today I am finding it so much harder than other days.  I need time to myself, and then I berate myself for wanting time to myself.  It’s a no win situation!  Today I feel like the worst parent in the world, and at the same time acknowledging that I am doing a great job.

I need to Adult in a bad way, but I would NEVER trade this time.  I bond with Logan and I love spending time with him, but just five minutes of no baby time would truly rock my world!  I know in a few years I will miss this time, he will have grown up and as each moment passes, I can never get that exact moment back.  I’m making new moments today.  Watching Logan roll, and shove anything he can into his mouth.  He’s biting down and I can feel teethies under the gums.  Perhaps they’ll cut soon, but I am hoping not.  I don’t think my boobs can handle teeth right now!

Here’s to not being an adult today, and wishing we could adult later.


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