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First Time WAHM

Working at home and being a work at home mom are so different.  Before Logan came along I didn’t even consider how different my life would be.  I honestly thought it would be sort of the same, with an added bonus of a tiny human being.  I was so freaking wrong!

I’m self employed and while many think that’s easy.  Working from home isn’t actually.  You need a lot of self motivation and in my field of work, a lot of me time.  Time that I no longer have, and I find myself working more at night since that’s when Logan sleeps most.  I stay up until 10 or 11 at night and then up at 6 or earlier.  Thankfully I’ve been getting solid nights of sleep for the past 2 months as Logan sleeps from 7pm until 6am straight through with only a few wakes up where he needs a soothing touch and he goes back to sleep.   I’m sure it won’t last but for now I am working it as much as I can!

So on top of my usual job (which isn’t going as great as it should, or was before Logan was born) I’ve decided to try my hand at selling a few home made items on Facebook.  Taggy Binky Holders, Crinkly Fun Squares and knitted top vests will be available from Monday and I’ve found that I quite like being a work at home mom now.  I can be artistic with the items I make and I have a lot of fun doing them as well!

Before pregnancy, the last time I knitted I was 14 years old and I never knew how to use an actual sewing machine.  Now I can thread a machine, change bobbins and sew like a seasoned amateur.  Not to mention knitting!  I love knitting now, I can get quite a lot done while Logan plays on the floor or naps after boob time.  Let’s just cross our fingers and hope everyone else likes the items I am creating, and I’m sure you will!  Logan loves his Taggy Blinky Holder and Crinkly Fun Squares and wore his vest today!  So if Logan loves them, your babies will too!  That is my selfish and shameless plug for my newest venture!  And along those lines, I will be doing a giveaway to launch my Facebook Entrepreneurship!


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