Cloth Nappies

Chirpy Cheeks Nappy Store – A review

A friend introduced me to this Facebook store a few months ago and I’ve bought 6 nappies so far from them and am loving them!


Cloth Nappies have become one of my new addictions and finding fun patterns can be quite hard since some only have specific patterns and not much variety.  Plus my pocket isn’t as deep as I wish it was for some of the nappies I would like.  But with these nappies from Chirpy Cheeks Nappy Store I can buy 3 or 4 a week without bankrupting myself and having to find a way to explain my purchases to my husband who just rolls his eyes when I tell him I bought new nappies.  He did happen to ask how long I thought our son would be in nappies.  I can’t resist fluffy cute butts and with the weather turning warmer, he’s naked more often and with a nappy on too!  It’s adorable seeing Logan on the floor during tummy time with ducks on his butt or even the new Christmas and Halloween themed nappies I bought!


I have only purchased the Alva brand nappies from Chirpy Cheeks Nappy Store and I love them!  They fit fantastic on Logan and they haven’t leaked after 3 hours of wearing them, and they’ve sustained through a few poonami’s which he thought would be a good way of christening new nappies on his butt!


The lady who runs this store is fantastic!  She responds swiftly to any messages I send to her, and is absolutely patient with my multitude of questions.  Swiftly sending out anything I have ordered and I receive them within 2 days of placing my order and payment.  Making the entire process hassle free and one of the many reasons why I keep going back!  She is also happy to order in styles if you absolutely want something specific and the range of nappies available range from coffee fibre nappies to wet bags! Not to mention mama cloth and swim nappies!  I can’t wait till Logan’s new swim nappy arrives so we can start swimming lessons next month!  Definitely get in touch with Chirpy Cheeks Nappy Store for any nappy needs you have, she knows her stuff!


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