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Babies and more babies!

I loved being pregnant, and even more love being a first time mom.  I also am loving watching a friend of mine begin her pregnancy and as my son goes through the months, so does her unborn child.  Amazingly, her child was conceived and is tracking along with and since Logan’s birth.

As I write this, I think it would be awesome if she went into labour on Logan’s 9th month anniversary.  But, we all know babies, right?  Could be any time, and it’s actually pretty awesome to be on the side lines watching someone else take photos of their precious baby bump, and through the hated yet highly anticipated morning sickness, or in our cases, all day sickness.  Remembering how tired you were in that first trimester and nauseous, and watching her go through it makes me feel super nostalgic, and it was only a year ago I was 8 weeks pregnant!

I want another baby, and have already made plans to go in March 2017 back to Fertility Associates in Hamilton and try another cycle with my already frozen fertilized eggs that have been in storage for over a year now.  Fingers crossed!

I’m as excited about her pregnancy as I was with mine, because babies are absolutely precious and there is nothing like being a mom.  To have a small tiny human dependent on you for everything.  We carried our children for nine months, and went through the trials and tribulations of labour to bring forth this gorgeous child into the world, and that’s only the beginning.  Who knew it would be so challenging, yet so rewarding?  No one can truly capture what it’s like being a mom, but the love you feel for your child is simply amazing.

Their milestones become our milestones, when they learn to roll or walk, we will celebrate them all.  Even the small celebrations for burps happen and who knew you’d congratulate someone for burping so loud!  Logan can truly give his father a run for the money on who can burp the longest and loudest!


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