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DIY hand & foot casts

Sometimes getting the memento you want is just not in your budget, and I know for myself personally it wasn’t anywhere near anything I could afford.  But, I really wanted to get castings of Logan’s hands and feet.

When I was about 6 months pregnant I bought a do it yourself at home kit to cast his hands and feet, but never used it.  It actually said to hold babies hand in the mixture for 5 minutes, and I kind of laughed at that idea since Logan is uncooperative when it comes to photos and things like this.  (It took me three months to get even a glimpse of a hand print with finger paint and that was a disaster.)  I then had a brilliant idea.  Play Doh!


I didn’t make my own, I went to The Warehouse and bought a set of four different coloured Play Doh and set about getting imprints of his hands and feet.  I was feeling pretty smart at this point, and went and got the DIY kit and took out the casting material and set about mixing it up and getting some help from my awesome husband began to fill in the molds with the casting mixture.


48 hours later, I got to take the cast out of the Play Doh.  This was easier said then done!  Don’t use Play Doh, it’s a little bit too soft!  I spent a good hour peeling the Doh off my molds as carefully as possible.  Logan’s hands and feet finally start to look pretty damn awesome and I was feeling rather impressed with myself.


I then went and bought a can of silver spray paint from Bunnings, and sprayed them until they all were as perfectly painted as possible!


They turned out pretty awesome, and now I can add them to my memory board (when I create it).  I actually enjoyed spending them time making them myself and all up I only spent $58 instead of $300!


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