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Taking the plunge!

The last time I had my hair cut was in October/November last year.  A good year ago and while I was pregnant, my hair grew crazy fast and it felt awesome, but I didn’t cut my hair, not even a trim until I made an appointment last week for today!  Since all those pregnancy hormones have left my body and I am breastfeeding, my hair took a turn for the worse.  It was falling out in chunks and I was feeling pretty icky about my hair.  Time to take the plunge!

I organized my day fairly well.  This morning I pumped 150ml of milk so that Colin could feed Logan while I was out.  I ensured Logan was well fed before I left, but knowing his past history, he’d last 2 hours before he got hungry again.  Before I left I went through the list of things with my darling husband who probably thought I was an insane mother and a little OCD.  Told him that the bottle was in the fridge, the Medela Calma teat on the counter (I’ll go into a post soon about my choice of bottles, breastfeeding and pumping).  He’d need a nappy change, etc.  I left and for the first time had time for me.

Of course that didn’t stop me from worrying.  I texted Colin when I was at the hair salon, “How are you two doing?” and he replied, “He’s fast asleep.”  Awesome, I thought.  He’d sleep a little, then wake up and Colin can bond with Logan for 2 hours.  Little did I know.  Ha!

Excuse the tired looking, no make up photos!  But I am so proud that I finally did something just for me.

The end pf ratty, shitty looking hair and not knowing what to do with it!
Can’t see the colours yet, but just spend 90 minutes getting Bright red highlights put in with a violet wash through my hair!
Wow!  My mirror needs a clean 😦  But focus on my hair!  Not my poor cleaning habits.
My awesome new hair do!  The length is just perfect to be able to possibly tying it up or leaving it down and still feeling like a million bucks!
Don’t you LOVE the colours?  I do and I think it’s fantastic!

So it’s been two and a half hours since I left Colin to look after Logan, and he hadn’t responded to my last text. So, I raced home with aching boobs and worrying thoughts of maybe Logan didn’t take the bottle and was starving. Colin couldn’t respond to my text because Logan was upset and not giving him a chance! I know nothing apparently.

I walk through the door, Colin’s on the computer and I ask him where Logan is.  He slept the WHOLE freaking time I was gone.  It made me feel like I wasn’t needed.  Logan didn’t even miss me.  How could this be possible?  He never sleeps two hours when I’m home.  Oh the thoughts racing through my head which all changed when he woke up and I got cuddles, then it was back to our sort of usual routine.  Logan had boob, he was happy and is napping again.  I’ll only get 20 minutes of naptime, but least he was a happy boy today.  Nothing can be said about the over anxious mom.

Yay for my hair though!


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