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Getting S#*t Done

A week or so ago, I messaged a friend on Facebook exclaiming how much I’d gotten done before 9am and she replied, “Moms get shit done”.  That’s kind of become my mantra since.

I work from home and before Logan, I’d go to bed around 2 or 3am and wake up around 10am.  I spent my days in my pj’s and not really worrying about needing to get shit done, since everyday was just so free for me back then.  Now I am up and out of bed by 7am on average, sometimes it’s 5.30am or 6am.  It all depends on when Logan wakes up and begins demanding his breakfast boobie.

There’s been a few mornings where I have been so productive.  I’ve had my over cleaned by 8am once and I bleached my bathroom/toilet before 9.30am another day.  It’s actually kind of crazy that I can say I get shit done now, when 3 months ago, my house wasn’t vacuumed, dishes weren’t done and I was lucky to even get out the house with my hair brushed, let alone having had a shower!   Then my darling husband started calving and leaving the house at 6.30am and coming home at 6pm.  I suddenly had to take stock of what was going on and I was finally able to be a functioning mother that stays at home and works from home (I’m still trying to work from home, some days I get real work done, and others absolutely nothing!).  Now at 4 months pp I can say that I get shit done and yes that’s a whole lot of shit being done!

By 9am every morning I have had Logan’s laundry washed and hung up, his previous load has been folded and packed away.  Nappies stuffed and put in the change table and dishes already washed.  I’ve pumped milk, sterilized the equipment and I have also brushed my hair and gotten dressed.   By 10.30am I have done almost everything humanly possible!  I’ve made beds, done laundry and even taken what we’re having for dinner out of the freezer.  In between all of this, I’ve fed Logan and played with him on the floor in front of his mirror and put him down for a nap.  However; I don’t know what happens from 11 to 5.  Some days I obviously have done nothing adult.  I spend most of the rest of my day feeding, playing and entertaining Logan.  How do single parents do this?  And in this PC world, I should say Dads get shit done if there’s no Mom.

I take my hat off to those single parents who don’t have a partner to give you 5 minutes in the evenings so you can jump in the shower, or just lay on the couch and veg out.  I get a while tomorrow all to myself, thanks to my darling husband who will look after Logan while I go get my hair cut and some highlights put in. (My first haircut since November 2015!  Yay me!

Enjoying the quite time right now as Logan takes his nap after boob.  Drinking my cup of Chai Tea and writing this blog with Gossip Girls in the background on NetFlix.


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