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Reuse and Recycle

When I first found out I was pregnant, my husband was the first to mention reusable nappies to me.  I’d seen a few of these around on Facebook and in stores and was fascinated with them.  I agreed with him that using reusable nappies would be a great idea.  Not only would they be cost effective, they’d also be good for the environment, considering disposables don’t actually biodegrade and can clog up landfills.  I am in no way saying don’t use disposables, just this is my preference.  I used the newborn disposables for the first 2 weeks since they were super useful with the green line that showed whether the nappy was wet or not and he was so little when he was born.  I didn’t think cloth nappies would fit him!

I bought a set of nappies off of Trade Me, not knowing any different and they were terrible when we did use them, but thankfully I was more informed about nappies, and owe that to The Nappy Lady.  (I first met Kate when I was 21 and she is an amazing woman.)  She ran a Waste Free Parenting evening which I signed up for, dragging my husband along who was more environmentally aware then I was.  For the price of a ticket, we were given a goody bag which was definitely worth it.  The nappies in there helped start a revolution in my house!  For $30 we received a pack that was worth $100, with an assortment of goodies.

When we started Logan on cloth nappies, it was an utter disaster!  We had no clue how to put them on properly, he was weeing through them and I was so tired of changing complete outfits every 2 hours!  Kate came to the rescue, and we went round to her place and she showed us how to put the nappies on properly, and how to use the domes, etc!  She was definitely a lifesaver and with a load of nappies she passed onto us, we began our reusable nappy journey.  Since then I have purchased more and more via buy and sell pages on Facebook!

We’ve saved a heap of money because of reusable nappies!  I just do a load of laundry every morning with all of Logan’s nappies from the day before and his clothes.

Do you like my indoor laundry? (Wish I could get some sun for some nappy bleaching soon!)

It definitely is the start of my routine, but I do love my nappy choices. They’re different and range from Grovia’s, TotBots, Popins, Alvas and many many more.

The joys of pre-stuffing of liners into nappies!

But when all is said and done, the cloth nappies are well worth it! Especially when you see them wiggling on a cute bum during tummy time!

I do love the cow prints and yes I dress my boy in pink nappies!

If you’re interested in cloth nappies and creating a better world for your children, just by simply reusing, recycling and informing your family of fun and creative choices. I recommend going to a workshop that Kate runs! I am going back again on the 31st of October, and can’t wait since Kate always has new products and tips to share.


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